About us...

Based in Chicago, Bash Events has been designing and hosting custom events for over 13 years. We've produced unique themes that range from corporate and holiday parties to farm-to-table dinners.

Whether it is transforming an empty space or reworking a venue into something new, we will accommodate with whatever we are given to work with. If you already have an idea or a host, we can do all of the heavy lifting to make your ideas come to reality.

Providing such a variety of unique client productions has also afforded us a diverse range of marketing and branding experience.

Let Bash Events become your brand ambassador throughout the production and increase brand awareness through interactive events, target specific promo teams in the field, social media strategies and email communications.

Leveraging traditional art and technology, we create multimedia experiences that keep your audience engaged and talking for days.

By hiring Bash Events to create a complete package ensures that your message is consistent and reinforced to generate the highest level of visibility.


"Hello Bash Events,

I just wanted to let you know that we have received numerous compliments on the Haunted House.  Most included the phrase: BEST EVER!

Thank you for all your hard work,

Debby and Kathy

Chicago 2016


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